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The How-tos of Registering a Trademark for the Name of..

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The How-tos of Registering a Trademark for the Name of Your Company

If you are starting out a company and you want to own and fully use your company name, then what you need to do is to register a trademark for it. These days, however, registering a trademark is no longer a very difficult job. But how does the process go or what you do you need to do first? Well, that is what this article is written for. Below are the how-tos of registering a trademark for your company name, so kindly take the time reading from beginning to end.

Tips in Getting Your Company Name Trademark Registered


These days, there are many simple ways that you can try in order to get started with registering a trademark for your company name. The steps involved may even be very simple. Gone are the days when you have to actually be present in the patent and trademark office and stay there for many hours and come back the next day just to complete the trademark registration. Today, you can only expend as much as 90 minutes or less to get your company registered. If you want to do it in the quickest time, you would rather be in the official website of the patent and trademark office.


One step that you need to perform before you begin with the actual trademark registration process is to check if the same name has already been used and registered for trademark by another company. If the name has already been used, then it only means that you have to figure out a different name for your firm. To check this thing out, see the Trademark Electronic Search System (“TESS”) database from the website. The rule is that the company who has registered the name and the mark first will be the one to be entitled it. In the case where you are the one who first used it but have not registered it, you can proceed but with a lawyer.


If you will be registering online, then most probably you will be needing to spend between $275 and $325. But then you will also have to provide some other information like the kind of goods and services for which the mark will be used as well as the date of the first use of the mark. Of course, it will be recommended to register a mark before you use it.

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