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How to Detect a Termite Presence Termites love warm weather..

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How to Detect a Termite Presence

Termites love warm weather areas that have a lot of rain. This is where they thrive. Termites may be little creatures, but they have an insatiable appetite that sees them chew through large masses of timber, at a rate that cannot be matched by any other pest.
People usually do not realize they have an infestation until they see the property in shambles. This usually does not work out well for them, since by the time you see them, they shall have done irreparable damage to your building. It is best to stop an infestation from happening. You will do well to have a proper inspection carried out. You will many species of them, but the memorable ones are the Drywood termites, Dampwood termites, Subterranean termites, and the Formosan termites. They each possess different traits. But they are all stubbornly persistent.

Once Drywood termites are lodged in wood, they will not need to come out. They shall digest the cellulose and get all the moisture they need. In the same wood you shall find plenty of colonies. They are detected through their fecal pellets.

Dampwood termites, on the other hand, prefer waterlogged areas. You will find them in decaying wood on the ground. They thus attack the outside of the house. To keep them at bay ensure there are no damp areas around the house. They will also make trees hollow by eating their insides, thus rendering them health hazards.

Subterranean termites are the most popular kind there is. Their houses are made of many intricate tunnel systems, which can house millions of them. They shall especially thrive during the warm seasons. They inhabit the soil, due to the need for moisture all the time. They have in there long mud tunnels that lead them to food.

The Formosan termite is also called the super termite. This is on account of how destructive it is. Their colonies are the largest, which house millions of them. Their nests have many kings and queens who are constantly reproducing. The queens shall be busy laying eggs into the thousands. They will have chewed through large planks of wood without leaving a trace. They will go unnoticed for a long time.

It is common for people to think that termites only eat wood. They are usually wrong, seeing as termites can eat anything with cellulose in it, from cardboards to insulation. They have no problem going through asphalt and thin sheets of metal. They shall thus have no problem eating into the exterior of your house. They also need the tiniest space to get into the house.

You need to ensure they are not present to begin with. You are better off finding the best pest control firm to contract.

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